Tango Cheshire's May Tango Weekend


Saturday 12th May


Workshop 1 Tango: 1:30 – 3:00 (5 months +)

Ocho technique: mechanics & emotion


Workshop 2 Tango: 3:30 – 5:00 (1 year +)

The salida in the cross system


Workshop 3 Vals: 7:00 – 8:00 (1 year +)

Vals: round walking around


Spring Milonga 8:00 – 11:30

TJ – Stefan Wimmer

Light Buffet

Dress to Impress


Sunday 13th May


Workshop 4 Tango: 1:30 – 3:00 (2 years +)

Paradas & pasadas: powerful & elegant at the same time


Workshop 5 Milonga: 3:30 – 5:00 (2years +)

Milonga: down to earth


Venue: for all workshops and Milonga

Prestbury Village Hall, Macclesfield Road, Prestbury, SK10 4BW



Workshops £17 (£15 conc) each

Spring Milonga £12 (£10 conc)

Mini Pass £43 (£36 conc) – 2 workshops + Milonga

Day Pass £59 (£50 conc) – 3 workshops + Milonga

Weekend Pass £74 (£63 conc) – 4 workshops + Milonga

Full Pass £89 (£76 conc) – 5 workshops + Milonga


Advance booking only for all workshops.

Closing date 10th May 2018.


For further information or to book any of the workshops please call Leander on 07794 957 155 or email her at


Stefan and Komala.

Of all the emotions you experience in the Tango, there is above all, one which especially refers to Stefan & Komala: Passion!

Passion for life itself, passion for each other and passion for the tango. Their motto:

It’s not the (amount of) figures what makes the dance; it’s the connection and the moving in the music with your partner.

With their warm, enthusiastic, dynamic and playful approach they stimulate you to learn to feel the music and to translate and express this into smooth, relaxed but still powerful movements. Obviously they enjoy teaching and dancing but they never take themselves too seriously. Working with the students to learn the complicated looking movements, it’s simplicity what counts for them. The ultimate goal has to be that everyone feels the freedom to move with his partner in the music and express himself without the limitation of fixed patterns.

But they will never forget to put the focus on social behaviour and respect for each other on and besides the dancefloor!


Private Lessons:

Stefan and Komala are available for private lessons. If you are interested in having a private lesson please contact Leander to arrange a suitable time.


Dates for your Diary's:

June 21st Thursday class with Siobhan Richards

June 24th Sunday workshop with Siobhan Richards


More details to follow.

For more information or to book anything please contact Leander


phone: 07794 957 155


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